Drone Services

Industrial Services

We provide your engineering staff with photos and video documentation, taken from a safe distance.

Towers, Safety / Hazard Analysis
We can provide your team with an aerial perspective from a safe distance, day or night.

Construction/Engineering Services

Roofing And Associated Structures
Aerial views provide for a quick and efficient method of inspecting the rooftop of your facility.

Building facades
Building facades can be inspected efficiently without expensive rigging, scaffolding, rope and or safety complications.

Job Site Preview And Job Progress Monitoring/Documentation
We provide you with progressive imagery for historical reference.

Real Estate Services

We service all facets of the real estate market from residential to agricultural, commercial and industrial properties.

Other Services

Shoreline Inspection
Regardless of the time of year, we can provide you with an aerial survey of your property.

Insurance Documentation
This will provide you with an invaluable record of your assets for future reference.

Search And Rescue
Whether it’s a child lost in a field or a pet lost in a woodlot, we can help.

Commercial Advertising

Our Library has been used on everything from print and social media ads to vehicle wraps and even farm service equipment. We provide local stock content Essex County for marketing and advertising, and social media.

Looking for a unique effect? We can provide you with time-lapse and hyper-lapse videos of your subject matter.

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