Roofing And Associated Structures

Providing you with aerial photographs and videos is just the beginning. Aerial views provide for a quick and efficient method of inspecting the rooftop of your facility.

Using a thermal camera, we can provide you with thermal images or video to help you identify where heat loss or leaks could possibly be occurring. Winter is the perfect time to arrange for a flight over your site to document heat loss.

Problems with transmission equipment or antennas?
We can provide you with close up imagery of your equipment eliminating the need for a site visit.

Building Facade

Building facades can be inspected efficiently without expensive rigging, scaffolding, rope and or safety complications. We provide you with HD digital photography or videography for subsequent analysis and reference in far less time than a physical manned inspection.

Job Site Preview And Job Progress Monitoring/Documentation

We can provide you with aerial content starting with vacant land, groundbreaking and follow through to job completion. Whether your building project spans a couple of months or several years, we can provide you with progressive imagery for historical reference.