Our History

Our “flying” career started more than 5 decades ago with control line aircraft. Over the years, we had migrated to a fleet of remote control helicopters. With the age of UAV and UAS (unmanned aerial vehicle – unmanned aerial system : a.k.a. Drones), we are now fully immersed in the drone technology.

Our Equipment

We only use the best and latest models to deliver you the quality content you deserve. Our equipment includes some of the latest technology from the smallest in our fleet right up to an IP55 water resistant M30T which is rated to fly in weather from – 20C to 50C.
The IP55 model is equipped with a thermal camera, speaker, and spotlight.      

Its versatility goes well beyond basic photography.

Our Photographers

We serve residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural ,and marine clients with the most competitive pricing on the market. We are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.
With more than 20 years of flight experience, we’ll put together a custom package to fit your requirements and budget.
Our flying career started close to six decades ago with control line aircraft and over the years, we migrated to a fleet of remote control helicopters.
With the advent of UAV technology, we had acquired our first drone, followed by a second, then a third of various makes and models. After more than a dozen drones and thousands of flights later, we haven’t looked back.

Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed (Advanced License) by Transport Canada.
NOTE: It is important to note that most of Lasalle, Windsor and Tecumseh are located within controlled airspace which necessitates a Transport Canada Advanced License if flying a drone weighing more than 249 grams.

Our Philanthropy

At Windsor Aerial Drone Photography, we believe in giving back.

We’ve donated not only our time assisting the Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce, but have also served as a Director for The Better Business Bureau of Windsor, the Leamington and Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce, and the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus.

We’ve also provided financial assistance to businesses like the Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & The Creative Arts and have become a Platinum supporter of the Windsor Royal Air Cadet 364 Lancaster Squadron.(after donating multiple drones to the squadron).

Our support has also extended financially to the Windsor Symphony Orchestra as well as the Capitol Theatre.